Color Phase Begins

Arkadia Park
3 min readOct 28, 2022

It’s been a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows, but we’re finally at the point where we can present Arkadia with our vision and all the information regarding the theme park.

The “Color Phase” is here!

Arkadia Park

To officially launch our project, we plan to release our website and whitepaper, along with numerous competitions and games. We recognize that it has taken some time, but we intend to move forward with a sustainable project and a clear direction.


What does it means?

With the start of the color phase we will move forward with the building of the park, the design, the development of the game and we start design our new NFT collection called Arkadians.
The target for this phase is to build an early version of the game to be released to the public, the so called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

With the alpha of the game you will be able to explore the main land of the park, interact with other people and give your feedback to the team.
You will be able to play as an Arkadian or as one of our featured partners.

This phase is very important because it will shape the foundament of the park itself and you will be an important part of this process as you can be part of the development of the system.

The burning event

In this phase we will also burn the old Lunatic Clubhouse: The Crew NFTs, the ones that born in Terra Classic and that after the crash in May we moved to Polygon.

We want to give the last farewell to our old NFTs and to completely focus on the new project.

We will airdrop a new transitory item to the holders, that will received the new collection for free in a 1:1 exchange.
So if you had 1 NFT you will receive 1 Arkadian, if you had 20 you will receive 20 new NFTs.

There are 3 thresholds that also gives you more perks:
* For 3 and more Arkadia:OGs holders will receive a special edible
* For 7 and more Arkadia:OGs holders will receive a unique Souvenir that will be able to be used as an in game skin.
* For 15 and more Arkadia:OGs holders will receive a custom made Arkadian at the time of the mint.

Every holder will also receive a WhiteList for the Arkadians collection.

Our mission

Our mission for our product Arkadia is the same that fueled us for the last year: we intend to build a theme park where various projects can have fun and generate income by participating in a competitive environment.

The Park is designed to engage external partners in order to establish a new method of community interaction and engagement. In Arkadia, players will experience a variety of activities and challenges known as Attractions, where they can earn $PARK tokens based on their skills. Players who join ARKADIA will also find a variety of minigames and activities in the park, which makes the experience more immersive.