Lunatic Clubhouse: The Crew — Migration

Arkadia Park
4 min readSep 6, 2022


The time has come and in the next hours you will be able to migrate your NFTs from the old Terra to the new home on Polygon!

Migration will officially start on September 6th 2022

If you read our last article you already know how to preview your NFTs that are still in Terra Classic blockchain, but what to do next? What do you need to migrate?
Let’s explain it below

Firstly you need to setup a wallet that works with Polygon network, OnePlanet confirmed that MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet are supported on their website.
Let’s take for example the most used wallet: MetaMask

** Installing and setting up MetaMask **

1. MetaMask is available to download through the MetaMask website. Always check if you are using the official website to make sure you’re downloading the real MetaMask extension.

2. After downloading and installing the extension, you’ll be greeted with the MetaMask welcome page. Click [Get Started] to begin.

3. If you’re creating a new wallet, click the [Create a Wallet] button. You can also import an old wallet using its seed phrase with the [Import wallet] option.

4. MetaMask will ask you if you’d like to share anonymous usage data with them to help improve the extension. Accepting or refusing this will not affect your MetaMask usage.

5. Choose a secure password to log in to your wallet from your browser. Note that this is not your seed phrase. The password is a security measure to prevent anyone using your device from accessing your wallet. If you forget your password, you can always access your crypto with your seed phrase.

6. After choosing your password, MetaMask will present you with information regarding your wallet’s seed phrase. Make sure to read through it if you aren’t familiar with how a crypto wallet works.

7. You’ll now be presented with your seed phrase. Click the lock to view the words and take note of them in the correct order. Keep the phrase in a secure place (preferably offline) and never share it with anyone. This string of numbers is the final backup of your wallet and its contents. Click [Next] to continue.

8. You’ll now have to repeat your seed phrase by selecting the words at the bottom of the screen in the right order. Click [Confirm] once this is complete.

9. Your MetaMask wallet will now be set up ready to use. Click [All Done] to view your wallet.

10. To make MetaMask easy to access, you can pin it to your Chrome browser by clicking the puzzle icon and pinning MetaMask to the toolbar. After the initial setup, MetaMask will only be connected to Ethereum. Next, we will see how to connect Metamask to Polygon.

** Configuring the wallet **

1. Adding Polygon support to your wallet involves adding some network details to the extension. First, open MetaMask and click the network dropdown menu.

2. Now, click [Add Network] on the pop-up.

3. You’ll need to add the following details on the [Add a network] page that will open. Click [Save] when you’re finished.

Network Name: Polygon

Choose any of the following: or

Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

4. You’ll now successfully be connected to the Polygon network.

** Migrate your NFTs **

You are almost done, you just need to go on OnePlanet’s migration website and click on migrate.
That’s it!
Your NFTs are now on Polygon!


Welcome Bonus: 2 MATIC airdrop per each NFT item
- It’s been a while. OnePlanet prepared a small gift for you who are new to the Polygon ecosystem. Enjoy your first trading on a new OnePlanet with this gift! We will send you 2 MATIC per migrated NFT to your Polygon wallet within 24 hours.

Gas fee support
- We’ve got your back! OnePlanet decided to cover the gas fees needed for the migration.